10 tips for a Christmas with la French Touch!🇫🇷🎅

  • Tip Nr1 : Time for a real treat ! Special Christmas Menu with the best ingredients. 🍾🍰🥂🍖🍮

Once a year, French people allow themselves to buy the special ingredients for their Christmas Meal. Salmon, foie gras, scallops, oysters, these are the typical ingredients for the different courses. it does not have to be complicated. ex: as a starter Foie Gras or a nice paté on Toast or Graved Lachs (Salmon) on little crepes (blinis in France but it is actually Norwegian 😊) with cream. => C’est bon ça ! #christmas#weihnachten #noel #french #frenchblogger

  • Tip Nr2 : let’s blow Bubbles and Drink champagne !🇫🇷🥂🍾
    On this special occasion, French like to enjoy champagne or sparkling wine (Crémant)!

Very often, the celebration starts with the aperitif : finger food with Bubbles. My favourite G.H.Mumm & Perrier Jouet, as I was lucky to work for those champagnes and get to know their quality.

And here comes a French tip: with the aperitif, there is flexible time to finish prepare the dinner during this moment. For example if the turkey needs a bit more time in the oven, the aperitif can last longer 😃.

And what about you, which drink do you enjoy at Christmas ?



  • Tip Nr3 : Treat your children wit their own Christmas Meal ! With CHOCOLATE FONDUE for example!

Let’s face it, not many children like what we adults like to eat for Christmas. So what we often do in France is plan a meal the children like. So they can eat earlier and go play instead of finding it annoying to sit so long with adults. Less stress for adults and children and more time to CELEBRATE.

In my family we used to have chocolate Fondue, as I was a child while the parents would have oysters. 🍫🍯🍌🍊🥝🍎🍐🍞The recipe is very easy : melt chocolate with cream slowly. Dip fruits like banana, clementine, kiwi,apple, pear or marshmallow or brioche.

My personal tip: I recycle all the chocolate leftovers of Halloween and Nikolaus in the fondue : Milka, Kinder… It all melts perfectly for a delicious fondue.

I hope this will inspire you. And you what do you do for Christmas for the kids?

  • Tip Nr4 & 5 : do don’t everything by yourself & outsource!

How does the French woman damage to have a 5 course meal, all the presents for her family, great decoration for Christmas? 💃🍽🧹🎁
No, the French woman is not a super hero : she does not have perfect children who eat all the lovely expensive meals at Christmas (see my Tip Nr4) and she also does not manage the Christmas Dinner all by herself. So here are another 2 secrets:
Nr4 : she asks for help : husband, mother, son, whoever. She does not cook alone in family team 💪.
Nr5 : she buys finished products like “la Bûche” : see next Tip Nr6. One of the great helper is the famous Picard, a manufacturer and distributor of frozen products Picard Surgelés : They prepare great stuff, you would think it is home made or it comes from a caterer. Ask in France, everybody loves Picard!
Here are a few example of Picard in picture !
©Picard Surgelés

  • Tip Nr6 : La Bûche ( the Log) 

This is the typical French dessert for Christmas. At medieval times, the biggest log would be put in the fire the day before Christmas, so that it would last the 12 days of christmas. In the XIXth century it was then adapted to a dessert looking like the wood log.

It is made of a genoise biscuit with butter cream or just frozen with ice cream. It looks a bit old fashioned but recently the great chefs pâtissiers started recreating this tradition with new tastes and designs (The Haute couture of the Bûche). Here are a couple of images!

PS: For the people living in Frankfurt, Baguette Jeanette sell its creation with Almonds and Speculoos until the 24.12 @baguettejeanette

=> See you later for the next tip! 

Bûxche traditionnelle
the traditional bûche!
My home made Bûche last year : not so good looking but delicious!
© Baguette Jeanette


Picard Surgelés
© Picard
© Pierre Hermé
© Michalak
  • Nr7 : Merry CHEESEMAS ! Fromage between main course and dessert! 🧀🧀🧀
Of course it is part of the Christmas Meal.
My tip for Christmas : Choose 3 or 4 different cheeses of different types between strong and mild in taste and hard and soft in texture. One hard cheese like Comté 30 months old or Beaufort, one soft cheese like camembert, reblochon or Epoisse for the tough ones. And one cheese like blue cheese or a mild goat cheese as an alternative.
Take them out at least one hour before serving, so that they develop their aromas.


  • Tip Nr8: Take time for Christmas dinner. 👪👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
Generally French spend at least 2 to 3 hours at the table on this occasion.
How ? With Aperitif, starter, main course, cheese and desserts. Let’s enjoy and take time to share, discuss and spend quality time with the beloved ones.
A propos, I did not tell you about our Christmas Dinner : Graved Lachs & Foie Gras as starter, Turkey stuffed with chestnuts & pork, cheese (see tip Nr7) : reblochon, Beaufort, cheddar & mountain cheese and la Bûche (see tip nr6). BON APPÉTIT !
  • Tip Nr9 : Look Great :

This concerns you but also the dining table and the courses.


  • Tip Nr 10 :  Enjoy

Merry Christmas to you!


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